Interior design

When you contact us we will arrange an appointment at your home. We like to meet you first to learn about your ideas and discuss your requirements. This will also give us the opportunity to discuss your budget and assemble a design to fit the bill. In order to ensure that everything is just as you want it to be, we will produce sketches, mood-boards and sampling to help you visualise the end result. Where appropriate we will introduce you to any tradesmen we have worked with first hand and whom we trust.

Once you are happy we will produce a project plan, set start and completion dates and embark on the adventure. Throughout the process you are assured of a first class, professional service seeking to fulfil those inspirational design ideas!

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Increasingly becoming more important spaces in any home. The right design for these is vital, the wrong design will leave you with a very expensive mistake in your home. It is important to understand spatial design and suitability for purpose and it is our job to help you get the best out of these spaces.

“Form should always follow function”.

Spatial Planning

If you are unsure how your room will look, we can provide a service with spatial drawings and even models to enable you to visualise your space better. Sarah-Jane is a spatial designer, having studied interior architecture and layout.


An important part to any space, get it wrong and it can be an expensive disaster! To avoid this we will come and advise and guide as to what will work for you space. We have a vast range of lighting suppliers to fit all budgets.

Concept & Mood Boards

We will produce these for you so you can visualise your scheme.


The part of your home you walk on! This should however be considered carefully. Suitability for purpose is the most important thing. With years of experience we are able to advise the right product for the job.

Our Interior Design Service provides you with countless opportunities. We range from advising you on colour schemes, to working closely with you on a complete refurbishment.

Other services